Airline Boarding Methods

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Jazz_Exe. - Dag siden
human life,wasted,The time,piling up
Mister Mai
Mister Mai - 2 dager siden
Play at 2x speed and it sounds like some sort of video game music
Gunner - 3 dager siden
Played Hell March 2 on the background,best experience in my life
That One Guy In The Comment Section
I refuse to believe either Steffen would use Front-Back to unboard
john - 7 dager siden
when you realise vox did it: The better way to board an airplane
Robert Strong-Morse
Robert Strong-Morse - 11 dager siden
4:13 is so relaxing.
dawit afework
dawit afework - 14 dager siden
thats so long
Guz ooka1
Guz ooka1 - 15 dager siden
I mainly watch this for the music
Kira - 15 dager siden
play it to speed 2 and it's look like a retro game
Nafedalbi Films
Nafedalbi Films - 19 dager siden
mat - 19 dager siden
13:53 apple jacks
RMS Online
RMS Online - 21 dag siden
RMS Online!
RMS Online
RMS Online - 21 dag siden
RMS Online!
Patti Mandache
Patti Mandache - 22 dager siden
I can’t believe I just spent 20 minutes of my life watching coloured blobs get on and off planes
NonDelusional74611 - 25 dager siden
This video torments us by never showing the superior unboarding method
Cyan guy
Cyan guy - 26 dager siden
Dude why da fuq is so slow
Benjamin Shrapnel
Benjamin Shrapnel - 28 dager siden
hi benjamin shrapnel here, professional airline pilot, I disagree. I think that the video is well made, well crafted, but your arguments are dogshit. please learn about the proper boarding proceedures at my Master Class using promo code "BENISBOARD". thanks!
Totaly NOT Catherine
Totaly NOT Catherine - 29 dager siden
Auto play: hey. Wanna buy some airplane boarding methods?
Me: who's it by?
Auto play CGP Gra-
me : yesese
Totaly NOT Catherine
Totaly NOT Catherine - 29 dager siden
Why are the first row of Steffen Perfect-ers not smiling?
Totaly NOT Catherine
Totaly NOT Catherine - 29 dager siden
I probably just missed something.
Aiden Kim
Aiden Kim - Måned siden
Anyone know what the music is?
aiuh - Måned siden
i have never heard more horrendous music
CryptoCoder 555
CryptoCoder 555 - Måned siden
Here's something slower than just front to back. The time will increase when you go front to back, isle to window. It increases time by having people move more. Why is because unless the stowage under the seats has no walls to prevent moving luggage horizontally, people will have to take their luggage out of storage, stow the luggage again, and move over. The time increases significantly if someone has a lot of luggage.
peroz1000 - Måned siden
dnissen2012 - Måned siden
How great it would be to return to this as a need. 2020 now has us distanced, and mostly empty planes, rendering this moot.
Griffdog82 - Måned siden
Why’d he change the thumbnail?
kiriska - Måned siden
I'd love this music as an mp3 download...
Pat Ritchie
Pat Ritchie - Måned siden
So Mr. Grey, if the onboarding methods suck, how can they be fixed? Can you do a video on that?
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake - Måned siden
I don't get what goes inside the mind of the last guy, during unboarding, when he stands up and keeps standing during the whole time. Might as well keep sitting till their turn comes.
JustAnton - 2 måneder siden
I don't know why I am watching simulations of plane boarding, but I think the answer is yes.
Miles Ovejero
Miles Ovejero - 2 måneder siden
13:35 2x speed: Steffen Better Than Perfect
Remer Mequiota
Remer Mequiota - 2 måneder siden
what is this theme i want to listen to it all day
Enzo Luiz
Enzo Luiz - 2 måneder siden
imagine like:
airline: oh, you are green, ok, lets see, hmmmmm, ok, you get the window seat
ok, you are orange, so ou get middle and you are blue, so you get aisle!
The people boarding the plate: *_dafuq that is racist as hecc_*
Hyper Active
Hyper Active - 2 måneder siden
Only if Thomas Cook used this
Luke Savory
Luke Savory - 2 måneder siden
There is a way for fast deplaning. The only reason it's not done this way is because cattle-class people are stupid and can't listen to instructions.
The left aisle row moves into the aisle, grabs their bags, and walks out.
The left middle row moves into the aisle, grabs their bags, and walks out.
The left window row moves into the aisle, grabs their bags, and walks out.
The right aisle row moves into the aisle, grabs their bags, and walks out.
The right middle row moves into the aisle, grabs their bags, and walks out.
The right window row moves into the aisle, grabs their bags and walks out.
the Prince of Awesomeness
the Prince of Awesomeness - 2 måneder siden
i would like to see a steffen perfect that is not cuted of and do the RWindow, LWindow, RMidle, LMidle RIsle, and LIle. that just have to be faster. Call it Steffen All Out to In
Sean Regan
Sean Regan - 2 måneder siden
How many times is Grey going to change the thumbnail on this video?
Ryan John Hernandez
Ryan John Hernandez - 2 måneder siden
Why are there no emergency exits?
danielsjohnson - 2 måneder siden
I like this music.
PalzPlayzZ - 2 måneder siden
0:00 Back to Front (Right to left)
3:43 Random
7:00 Window-Middle-Aisle
10:14 Steffen Modified
13:36 Steffen Perfect
16:31 Front to Back (Left to Right)
TheMartinezRocket - 2 måneder siden
Seanybearscouts -Sean
Seanybearscouts -Sean - 2 måneder siden
Romans Jack
Romans Jack - 2 måneder siden
Hey CGP Grey, I am a university student and currently am doing a project to analyze certain parameters (such as type of passengers, number of seats) would affect plane boarding time.
Would it be possible to share the simulation code so that I would have an idea of the logic behind the boarding methods (esp Steffen perfect boarding
and Steffen Modified boarding
Thank you for your time, and thanks for the insightful and entertaining video
ReimarPB - 2 måneder siden
16:32 they are s ha k i n g
CheezzyNugget - 2 måneder siden
StikmanMann - 2 måneder siden
I want an "airplane boarding any%" run tnx
Person Pacman
Person Pacman - 2 måneder siden
watching front to back on .25x speed is like getting my eyes torn out of their sockets
Welsh Family Vlogs
Welsh Family Vlogs - 2 måneder siden
Exact times for the different boarding methods:
Back to front: 95 sec (0:00)
Random: 70 sec (3:42)
Window Middle Aisle: 65 sec (6:59)
Steffen modified: 72 sec (10:13)
Steffen perfect: 48 sec (13:34)
Front to back: 121 sec (16:30)
Leaving the plane: 119 sec (18:39)

Exact times for the different boarding methods:
Back to front: 95 sec (0:00)
Random: 70 sec (3:42)
Window Middle Aisle: 65 sec (6:59)
Steffen modified: 72 sec (10:13)
Steffen perfect: 48 sec (13:34)
Front to back: 121 sec (16:30)
Leaving the plane: 119 sec (18:39)

Exact times for the different boarding methods:
Back to front: 95 sec (0:00)
Random: 70 sec (3:42)
Window Middle Aisle: 65 sec (6:59)
Steffen modified: 72 sec (10:13)
Steffen perfect: 48 sec (13:34)
Front to back: 121 sec (16:30)
Leaving the plane: 119 sec (18:39)
Human Person
Human Person - 2 måneder siden
Should add chapters
Icham Sakkar
Icham Sakkar - 2 måneder siden
16:32 they wobbling
Kennedy the Retard
Kennedy the Retard - 2 måneder siden
the music is just good
Jon A
Jon A - 3 måneder siden
There's a 20 minute greey video I didn't know about? AWESOME!
A Neutral Opinion
A Neutral Opinion - 3 måneder siden
I remember playing this to annoy my family so many times. It was amazing.
Václav Havelka
Václav Havelka - 3 måneder siden
Can we have this video split to chapters on a timeline, just to see visually how long the method is?
johnny phycho
johnny phycho - 3 måneder siden
this is way too late but..... what about 1-2-3-4-5-6? window top row is one window bottom 4, 1,2,3, aisle, 6,5,4, on the other side (since each side would board window through aisle), and all from 1 row come in at one with the back person first and the front person last, then all the people from one row get in at once
Bear430 - 3 måneder siden
YAY new thumbnail
Joseph Hobson
Joseph Hobson - 3 måneder siden
Noticed that two.
Vixx Celacea
Vixx Celacea - 3 måneder siden
Wouldn't getting off the plane also be faster back to front? Because as the first back rows leave, the others are also preparing to get off and have room to move forward and funnel through, rather than holding up the entire plane by letting front off first. Or what about the steffen method in reverse? Middle alternates get off first so that there is less shuffling while someone is getting off. While they are funneling through, middle and window now become isle and middle and then repeat the process.
Easy way to make people do these better methods. Fine them if they don't follow the rules unless there is due cause for them not doing so, IE illness mental/physical that create hurdles in one way or another.
You don't follow the seating order that maximized efficiency and saves money? You get a fine, and it's part of the contract you effectively sign by using that airline.
You'd get people to listen real fast and during the transition where Steffen perfect becomes norm, airlines would make more money to pay their understaffed and overworked pilots and flight attendants (jk, that money is totally going to shareholders and company big wigs, but at least a monetary incentive will get the ball rolling).
You could also color code seats and numbers (including colors markers for those who are color blind that see this green or blue as grey or mix the two) along with the number and a visual representation of where their seat will be in the lay out of the plane to minimize confusion. We don't need to understand how it works, we only need to know where to go and how to get there. Do that and I think most people actually will follow.
Charlie Creston
Charlie Creston - 3 måneder siden
Subscribe for more Japanese Auto-generated captions
Harold Brick
Harold Brick - 3 måneder siden
The circles when they board: (colorful)
The circles on the plane: ight imma turn yellow
Aurick Suess
Aurick Suess - 3 måneder siden
Why? Just watch the main video.
William Dunnam jr
William Dunnam jr - 3 måneder siden
I think I’ll use this as my “white noise” sleeping video. Do you think we could get a 10 hour version?
QuartzOfficial !
QuartzOfficial ! - 3 måneder siden
can someone try to count parallels/pullaways in all of the boarding methods
Gummiel - 2 måneder siden
Wont be that useful most of the methods have an degree of randomness in it, as as such the amount of parallels and pullaways will vary from time to time. You would have to run a simulation of each method say 100 or so time and then check the average of it to get anywhere near a usefull number
Tippex - 3 måneder siden
Playing it at 1.5x speed makes the background music an utter BOP.
dien nie
dien nie - 3 måneder siden
Use 2x for the snail expirince
(As in you look at the people speed by you while you go as slow as heck)
Finish Tablet
Finish Tablet - 3 måneder siden
This is a pain in the butt to watch
Bird Flock
Bird Flock - 3 måneder siden
Had a nice sleep watching this 😌
Lucy Kitsune
Lucy Kitsune - 3 måneder siden
Idk I feel like unloading planes could be done much faster by letting everyone that aöready grabbed their stuff through...
João Sousa
João Sousa - 4 måneder siden
🤨 18:01
Edward Feng
Edward Feng - 4 måneder siden
This seams like old internet speeds
Phillip2423A - 4 måneder siden
Did I just watch 20 minutes of people boarding a plane?

Yes. Yes I did, and I loved it.
Christian Faux
Christian Faux - 4 måneder siden
Unrealistic: aren't enough bumblecunts trying to shove an 80 lb duffel bag into the overhead compartment
Ho Yin Ching
Ho Yin Ching - 4 måneder siden
Just be random lol
Azka Rafif Fawwaz, Kelas 3 B, No. 04
NICE ( im from indonesia)
LouFu! - 4 måneder siden
Strange - 4 måneder siden
Did Grey actually animate all of this himself? It's something that looks to be (relatively) simple to automate in e.g. Unity. It's not something that Grey would be able to do, but he could've get somebody to do that
Oak Ron
Oak Ron - 4 måneder siden
I was jamming as I played on another tab
Real Life Motions
Real Life Motions - 4 måneder siden
Play at 2x speed it sounds like video game music
Charlie BT
Charlie BT - 4 måneder siden
Play 13:34-16:30 in 2X speed and you get the true Steffen Perfect.
Tanler Shine
Tanler Shine - 4 måneder siden
I didn't even notice that i watched the 20 minutes until it was over.
TheRapping Dog
TheRapping Dog - 4 måneder siden
what I don't understand is why when unloading, the right side of aisle seats gets up gets their bags and gets off, then the left aisle, then the right middle, then left middle, then right window, and finally left window. then, airlines could price those seats accordingly, closer to the outside you are, the more costly the ticket
Fabian Felipe Lopez Palma
Fabian Felipe Lopez Palma - 4 måneder siden
this is the best elevator music there is
Couritivity - 4 måneder siden
2x and you've made yourself a simulation game!
MK - 4 måneder siden
I have a problem with the steffen modified passengers seemingly not having random orders. This is a near perfect steffen modified, where the plane somehow fills back to front within the boarding groups. And that happens for all groups, which is very unlikely.
(watchin the steffen modified again, it just seems that the boarding was ctrl+c ctrl+v 4 times for all the groups. I'm disapointed 🤔)
Jaxon Marbary
Jaxon Marbary - 4 måneder siden
BPC - 5 måneder siden
are you waching united
Horst Hartholz
Horst Hartholz - 5 måneder siden
Glitch at 7:10
YZK - 5 måneder siden
Shreyas Pamaraju
Shreyas Pamaraju - 5 måneder siden
* casually scrolls trough comments when the circles are boarding off the plane *
baseball guy
baseball guy - 5 måneder siden
at 2x speed it sounds like music from super Mario bro’s
YZK - 5 måneder siden
Dave Common
Dave Common - 5 måneder siden
The front to back exiting is really starting to annoy me after the third boarding method.
Noah Edelman
Noah Edelman - 5 måneder siden
I'd be curious to see how just having 6 giant parallels stacks up against all of these.
thegr8winston - 5 måneder siden
Anyone come to listen to the background?
Idly2.0 - 5 måneder siden
The slowest stamina speed is nothing compared to this
Grayson Golden
Grayson Golden - 5 måneder siden
I have an idea, Instead of front to back to empty an airplane, we can have random people from the isle and procced, and we can rinse and repeat it for everyone on the plane until everyone is out.
CoolNguyenGames videos
CoolNguyenGames videos - 5 måneder siden
The captions are auto-generated Japaneese
Andervon - 5 måneder siden
Anyone realize when the plain is flying, the background is from the dragon fable
John Stevens
John Stevens - 5 måneder siden
😂 😂 😂 Strange unique video, must have taken a lot of animation, i watched at 2x speed
California and Nevada
California and Nevada - 6 måneder siden
What animation software is this!??!?!?!?
Cameo Six
Cameo Six - 6 måneder siden
Just say there is a bomb on the plane and see the magic
111 111
111 111 - 6 måneder siden
Let's be honest, we all came here for 13:33
Cookie314 - 6 måneder siden
No one:
Literally no one:
People: casually flies over person on the aisle seat to get to their middle seat
CoolNguyenGames videos
CoolNguyenGames videos - 6 måneder siden
The song is clean.