🎄🔎 A Sherlock Holmes Christmas: Grey Reads The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle 🔍🎄

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Crowborn - 18 timer siden
Oh how i pray for story readings to become a staple of this channel!
Robert Walker
Robert Walker - 3 dager siden
Have you considered contributing this to Librivox?
Gamingface12345 Gillen
Gamingface12345 Gillen - 3 dager siden
Grey I've been watching you for about a week but you have already jumped up my list of my favourite youtubers. You are, as surprising as it may seem due to the platform, one of the rare channels who treats their work like art. I respect you and your ethic for that. I am not completely sure but got the message that you yourself are a teacher and knowing that, if you were my history teacher, I would push myself a lot harder. On the subject of my love for history, I used to swear that history was my favourite lesson and brought me the most joy; however, after many tedious tasks and lessons, that feeling faded. I want to thank you for how you hsve changed that. I have become enthralled in history once more and I do truly owe you. Ps. I have plenty of historical stories which aren't very widely known and would fit your channel very well, feel free to pick my brains
-ZAF253- - 3 dager siden
Whoever dislikes this man's effort, you must reevaluated your life
RatPlays - 4 dager siden
Please don’t pull a bill wurtz or a Sam o nella
Geraint D
Geraint D - 4 dager siden
His videos are the definition of quality over quantity.
Nico Melia
Nico Melia - 5 dager siden
Need mor booty. New vids!
Yair Schwarz
Yair Schwarz - 6 dager siden
can you make a vido abut D&D?
Exnem - 8 dager siden
Fun fact: This year the Great Gatsby is entering the Public Domain.
Aaron Long
Aaron Long - 9 dager siden
Merry Christmas, Grey. But the word 'Assizes' is pronounced "uh-sai-zuhz".
Veronica Flores
Veronica Flores - 10 dager siden
I must say, that I do most certainly admire your storytelling.
natureallmighty - 10 dager siden
One of my favourite Sherlock Holmes stories! Thanks, Grey!
Jordan Wheatman
Jordan Wheatman - 11 dager siden
You should make a video about the NFL Draft and if there would be a better way to evenly distribute college talent to the 32 NFL teams than we have right now by looking at the average talent level of the teams ranked.
Lucas H
Lucas H - 11 dager siden
Hey Gray, not sure if you’re still reading these comments but I was wondering if you’re planning to make an updated video to that robotics/AI one you did like 6 years ago
Seffl - 11 dager siden
Love this
may keegan
may keegan - 11 dager siden
What does C.G.P stand for?
Therecreep - 12 dager siden
CGP Grey is currently taking a break from YouTube as the bucket of political popcorn is far too deep
Cooper Hoelscher
Cooper Hoelscher - 12 dager siden
Please make your next video on martial law i don’t get it
GooUckd - 12 dager siden
Hexagons are the bestagons.
Colin Zinngrabe
Colin Zinngrabe - 13 dager siden
Grey, you obviously predicted the events of January the sixth.
I'd like to act as Watson, could you walk me through the process of deduction which allowed you to foresee the events which recently transpired on capital hill?
Some One
Some One - 13 dager siden
My biggest gripe with Holmes stories is that you aren't given the opportunity to sleuth your way into figuring out "whodunit"
It's usually outlandish stuff like Watson being flabbergasted by Holmes' ability to look at tobacco ash and figure out the brand the killer smokes so he immediately narrows down the list of potential killers to sailors.
bruh - 13 dager siden
Bruh gang
TOXIK GAMES - 13 dager siden
Yes ape together strong
TOXIK GAMES - 13 dager siden
Mix It Yourself
Mix It Yourself - 13 dager siden
You need to get hired to professionally read. I would pay to hear this
Ian Howard
Ian Howard - 14 dager siden
Grey why did to private the daisy chain video
James Karg
James Karg - 14 dager siden
Hearing this stuff makes one wonder: Was Holmes blessed as an Oracle but turned down the oppertunity to use his gift in the traditional sense and vouched to use it to help man on their more trivial matters by scope?
Matthew Champlain
Matthew Champlain - 14 dager siden
Okay but I still want to know about the Adventure of the Red Carbuncle.😔
James Hegedus
James Hegedus - 15 dager siden
As I young boy I read Sherlock Holmes stories over and over. It was very influential over my mental development. Loved hearing it well read.
Ydarlyn Santos
Ydarlyn Santos - 15 dager siden
A waiting the channel in Spanish.
Viktor Schwick
Viktor Schwick - 16 dager siden
Me *sees video*: Love that story nice but I've read it two weeks ago I'll listen for a minute or two
Me 40 minutes later: Oops.
Eva Harvey
Eva Harvey - 16 dager siden
But, if the goose ate it, it's guts would have been cleaned out B4 cooking. So no one would ever have found it 🤥
You don't use the stomach or craw, for eating... Not even in giblet gravy! 🤮
Eyes of the Cervino
Eyes of the Cervino - 17 dager siden
@cgp grey
Not meaning to bother you, but I think maybe someone's copyright claimed this video? It's suddenly absolutely riddled with midrolls.
dev4uon - 18 dager siden
I saw Sherlock Holmes in Doraemon.
Thomas Chow
Thomas Chow - 18 dager siden
I had the other, medical definition of a 'carbuncle' in mind so I was expecting something quite nasty until it was revealed to be a gemstone
Isaiah Stephenson
Isaiah Stephenson - 19 dager siden
Pls make a new Brexit vid
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown - 19 dager siden
Brexit update?
Owen Bunny
Owen Bunny - 20 dager siden
I made a subtitle in chinese for how to be a pirate videos, where can i send it to?
Brent 13377331
Brent 13377331 - 21 dag siden
10:40 some gold ole diamond propaganda, Jake Tran has a great video on why diamonds were brought up a lot in media
Issuma - 21 dag siden
One down, 55 to go (plus 4 novels...)
Thomas Boys
Thomas Boys - 22 dager siden
CGP Grey reads a story about a wild goose chase
Ausar - 22 dager siden
“The Carbuncle ate itself”
TurpinSoups - 23 dager siden
Not gonna lie, I really want to read Sherlock now.
Commodore SixtyFour
Commodore SixtyFour - 24 dager siden
"I am somewhat of a fowl fancier"
Well we don't judge in the 21st C.
Kilroyan - 24 dager siden
really pleasant listening experience. thank you Grey!
BrazenRain - 24 dager siden
The carbuncle ate itself...
anthony smith
anthony smith - 24 dager siden
Love this thank you
Stroopwafel Falafel
Stroopwafel Falafel - 24 dager siden
Boy... Holmes’ knees must be sore... from jUMPINg to conCLUSIONS!! Hachachaa!!
ryan - 24 dager siden
"It must needs be remarked that a man with so large a brain must have something in it" - Sherlock Holmes, renowned phrenologist
Penn Su
Penn Su - 24 dager siden
ASMR series?
nab 6215
nab 6215 - 25 dager siden
What a lovely Christmas present! Thank you.
Mikko - 25 dager siden
Yay the fire is not reversed anymore
Mason Schnurstein
Mason Schnurstein - 25 dager siden
You should do more book readings
Flo_For - 25 dager siden
King of Pruusia? More like King of Prussia...hahaha
Daylen Webb
Daylen Webb - 26 dager siden
I would rather listen to Grey narrate than watch any other video at 1am.
AURICLE - 26 dager siden
others : peeps
some others : guys
grey : internet

Brian Green
Brian Green - 26 dager siden
Whaaaaaaa t!!!??? Awesome!!!
Russ Cooke
Russ Cooke - 26 dager siden
D. F.
D. F. - 26 dager siden
Minus the 19th century language, so much of the stuff Holmes says sounds exactly like something Grey would say
Positive Panda
Positive Panda - 26 dager siden
I'm only 13 but I'm OBSESSED with Sherlock Holmes and science and the science of human minds- I'm basically a 36 year old in a 13 year old body and I don't think like anyone else my age- anyone else? Or am I totally alone
karen Angelie
karen Angelie - 26 dager siden
Danke danke
Stefan Travis
Stefan Travis - 27 dager siden
"Brilliant Holmes! Just two small details. Phrenology is bunk... and geese don't have crops."
Your Brother Zombs
Your Brother Zombs - 27 dager siden
I love this so much! My favorite youtube reading my favorite series is like music to my ears
Akira Taifu
Akira Taifu - 27 dager siden
Wait, you also read books?? My day has been made.
Francis Waters
Francis Waters - 27 dager siden
You realise you are going to have to do all of the sherlocks now?
Morgan S
Morgan S - 27 dager siden
Thank you enjoyed it throughly :)
Matt Bell
Matt Bell - 27 dager siden
This is a wonderful Christmas mystery, thanks for the reading
João QN
João QN - 27 dager siden
Did it eat itself?
RIPBlueInk - 27 dager siden
The Sherlock Holmes stories stand up so well to a modern reading, unlike the majority of Doyles contemporaries. Surprising considering his rather nonsensical personal beliefs.
Dan Morgan
Dan Morgan - 28 dager siden
Thank you for the well timed cheer.
Adityachk2002 - 28 dager siden
This was fun
Tad Strange
Tad Strange - 28 dager siden
A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.
Ritesh Gorkhali
Ritesh Gorkhali - 28 dager siden
CGP grey, who knew I would so eagerly want something that I didn't even knew before.
droxina - 28 dager siden
You spoil us, Grey! One of my favourite Holmes stories, beautifully read. Would love to hear more of these read by you!
Mr.weirdlly - 28 dager siden
Sherlock sounds like the person who is reading which traits
Julien Wright
Julien Wright - 28 dager siden
Please do more I love listening to these
Ellio 1203
Ellio 1203 - 28 dager siden
I used to read these mysteries as a kid. Thank you for bringing back some fond memories grey :)
herbiepop - 28 dager siden
derpy balloon
derpy balloon - 28 dager siden
Yes this is great and all, but did it eat itself?

(Props to you if you get this.)
lucasjohnston - 28 dager siden
will a new brexit briefly: revisited: revisited video be on it’s way? 🥺🥺
Cameron Fairlie
Cameron Fairlie - 28 dager siden
Grey, Grey, Grey! Please do more of these!
Shaun Cheah
Shaun Cheah - 29 dager siden
"I have no doubt that I am very stupid."
Same, John. Same.
OkeechobeeBlowJob S
OkeechobeeBlowJob S - 29 dager siden
You should read more short stories like this.
Gambit G
Gambit G - 29 dager siden
I know these do not preform well but I love them. if you could do more of these, possibly on another channel, I would be overjoyed.
Brooke Kern
Brooke Kern - 29 dager siden
Best audio book I’ve ever listened to.
PhyloGenesis - 29 dager siden
Great read. That was a warm comfort for me on this cold night. Thank you.
Matt Best
Matt Best - 29 dager siden
Dude yes!!! Your voice is amazing, and Sherlock Holmes is one of my favorite story series of all time. You will have a new patron soon enough!
TheJacksonFaller - 29 dager siden
I love Sherlock Holmes, thank you for reading it. I'd love some more.
Monkeyking - 29 dager siden
you have a great voice but sadly your line delivery needs work. felt like it was one 40 minute long run on sentence
Matty - 29 dager siden
A great edition no doubt, but nothing beats Stephen Fry's narration of the Sherlock Holmes stories on audible.
Russ Epp-Leppel
Russ Epp-Leppel - 29 dager siden
Fun fact: all carbuncles are red. They're usually garnets, or sometimes rubies, but the definition of a carbuncle is "any red gemstone." When Holmes comments that "it is blue in shade instead of ruby red" he seems to be aware of this fact, which implies that Doyle was using carbuncle and ruby as synonyms and that this blue carbuncle is actually a sapphire. Sapphires and rubies have the same chemical composition (Aluminium oxide, Al2O3), but with different impurities which give them their distinguishing colours.
spartichris - 8 dager siden
Yeah what Briac Toby said
Briac Tobey
Briac Tobey - 25 dager siden
But didn't Holmes say it was made from carbon? That can only be a diamond. "There have been two murders, a vitriol-throwing, a suicide, and several robberies brought about for the sake of this forty-grain weight of crystallised charcoal."
Aric5556 - 29 dager siden
carbuncle from puyo puyo tetris!!😱😱😱 holy crap
Lasi1 The gamer
Lasi1 The gamer - 29 dager siden
Omg your voice is so relaxing 😊
EmperorBoo Dr.Uknown
EmperorBoo Dr.Uknown - 29 dager siden
Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad! Love these types of episodes, they put me in such a great mood!
mortimermcmirestinks - 29 dager siden
Please, Mr Grey, please, I beg of you, please do more Holmes story readings, please, I will give you my firstborn child
Joseph Zhavec
Joseph Zhavec - 29 dager siden
Please do The Greek Interpreter next! Just cause Mycroft. Haha
Bagpipe mgee
Bagpipe mgee - 29 dager siden
I've read the blue carbuncle so many times and yet it get better every time.
Graeme Blake
Graeme Blake - 29 dager siden
That was lovely. I’ve read the stories enough recently I wouldn’t feel like reading that one again for a bit, but hearing it narrated put it in a new fresh light.
MA VA - 29 dager siden
Is Grey auditioning for Audible?
regmigrant - 29 dager siden
If you have anything on Audible I'd almost be willing to pay their prices, merry Christmas and happy new year!
Gin Tonic
Gin Tonic - 29 dager siden
Moar plz